We love hearing from all our happy customers!  Below you will find just a few of the many letters and emails we have received from  happy customers over the years.  We would love to hear from you and what you think of our equipement (good, bad or just a suggestion).  Just drop us a email @ .

Love your weave poles and teeter base!  Very high quality, great packing and shipping.  Looking forward to the tire jump!
Lauren and the Agile English Cockers
I am extremely pleased ( and I knew I would be...) with the Pause table.  Your instructions are so simple, and putting this together will be very easy.  I thank you so much for the attention to detail you give with all your products!   I'll return...of that you can be certain.   Thanks so much!
Donna and James & Spirit (Pem. Welsch Corgi)
We just received and put together the three agility obstacles we purchased from you.  You were right---we are very pleased with the quality of your merchandise.  My husband was especially happy with how easy they all went together.  Thanks for the great service, and I am sure we will be purchasing more items from you when our 'budget' allows for it.  Also, I will spread the word to anyone else I know who is in the market for equipment.   Thanks again,
Bonnie Karwat
The equipment you sent is marvelous.  All the PVC is like you promised, furniture quality.  It is nice to be able to put three jumps and the weave poles in one bag to carry.  Everything is so lightweight yet sturdy.
Tom and his dog "D".  Oakdale, CA
I just received my weave poles, jump and tire jump. What great quality, and I couldn't believe how easy you made them to assemble. I was not sure what to expect, but I am so pleased. Right before I sent for your equipment I ordered a dog walk stand from another company. All the pieces were in one box, not labeled at all and the instructions were so vague. After spending over an hour I finally realized that something was wrong, when I e-mailed them they said they had sent the wrong instructions. They did,  then e-mail me the right ones and they were also so vague, but I did manage to get it together. The quality couldn't touch yours. I now know where I will order my future items and will tell my agility friends also.  Thank-you again.
Marianne, (little Bear, Sabra and Whitney)  
My Agility-101 DVD arrived today. I ordered it on Sunday and it is here on Wednesday. WOW>> I watched it as soon as I opened my package.  Awesome.  Great info on agility training for me and for the dogs.  I watched the DVD.  then took all four dogs (two mini schnauzers and two mini wire haired fox terriers out to practice.  All dogs are jumping over the jumps and having fun jumping.  Tessa jumps right thru the tire!! I say jump.. she jumps. What fun.  I am saying jump and using the had signal I watched on the DVD.  This is so much fun for the dogs and for me. A new adventure. I am 60 years old. I love my dogs... 

Pam in Canby, Oregon
THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  A thousand times thank you!!!   Thank you for making me feel at ease about buying over the internet (I still get nervous about it)!.  Thank you for answering all my sometimes basic, sometimes trivial questions about EVERYTHING.   Thank you for your patience with me.   But most of all thank you for such wonderful agility equipment!   Each piece is FAR MORE than I expected.  It is very sturdy and pretty too.  My favorite is the teeter base - it is just what I needed for my teeter-leery Ellfy - he has taken right to it.  My son even uses the tire jump to practice his football throws!   Again, THANK YOU!  I will definitely be back!
Juilie and Ellfly the Schnauzer, Dallas,TX, LLC
30011 Aldine Westfield Spring,
TX 77386 

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