24″ Dog Walk Bases – by Weave-Poles



These dog walk bases measure 24″ in height and are perfect for a backyard practice course. Your finished dog walk will be made TDAA recommendations. Our bases are made from all Furniture Grade PVC and fittings. Furniture grade PVC has UV protectors and impact resistors added to it in the manufacturing process. Unlike plumbers grade schedule 40 furniture grade PVC is designed to be left outdoors – you don’t have to worry about bringing these bases indoors, once you are finished running! These Bases are made from thick walled 1 1/4″ sturdy pipe.

Included with these bases:

Custom hinges with quick pull-out pins for easy disassembly of the boards.

All hardware needed to complete your dog walks

Typewritten instructions for preparations of your boards and assembly of the dog walks.

NOTE: You will have to purchase your own boards (12′ x 12″ x 2″), paints and sand for completion of this dog walk.

What is so great about these dog walk bases? For one, note the wide bases – these greatly reduce the scary bounce and wobble factors, making a studier dog walk. Another item to note about our bases is that the top aspect of the bases extends greater than five inches on each side of the board. Your dog will use these as reference points and again, this makes for a much sturdier dog walk. The fittings we send you to complete your dog walk have a removable pins, making it easy and quick to break this dog walk down if needed. All end pipes are capped leaving no exposed piping. The finish is the furniture grade glossy white.

Completed 24″ Dog Walk

**Please Note – You must purchase and finish the dog walk boards (planks) from your local hardware store – it is very cost prohibitive to ship because of its weight & size.**


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