Stick in Ground Poles – by Weave-Poles


These weaves are made out of 1″ outer diameter bright white thick-walled Furniture Grade PVC and Fittings.



These outdoor weaves (set of 6) are made out of 3/4″ thick walled PVC pipe and are ~36″ long. These weave poles transport easily and take up minimal space for storage. These weaves can be positioned in the ground however you choose: straight, channels, or V’ed. Perfect for people who don’t have much space indoors or out. Each weave pole is hand cleaned and sanded to creating a bright, white pole. These poles come with your choice of two different color roles of tape. You can choose between blue, yellow, red, or green or black. This allows you to tape the poles however you like, or you may wish to leave them white.

These poles are capped at both ends with a 5″ threaded spike on one end. The spiked end is double capped & glued to increase durability of each pole. Needless to say, these poles should be purchased and used only by adults.


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